Complete Guide To Get Job in Product Based Companies as a Fresher?

Complete Guide To Get Job in Product Based Companies as a Fresher?

How to Get a Job in Product Based Companies as a fresher?

Google, Netflix, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Meta… If you are a passionate programmer and are aware of the benefits, pay, and prestige of these companies, getting into them might be your ideal career. If you take the correct approach, use some solid resources to hone the talents these firms are seeking for, and—most importantly—at least attempt to apply for the jobs in these companies, finding a job as a software engineer there will be a piece of cake for you. To enter these companies, you must go through two processes.

Getting an Interview Call in Product Based Companies- 

We are aware that for the majority of students or professionals, this is a challenging step. You possess the qualifications and knowledge that these employers seek, yet you never hear from them regarding interviews. Therefore, let’s talk about how to get a call from these businesses. You may be a graduate of any prestigious engineering school, a student at a private engineering school, or a working software engineer.

  • The majority of these large product-based organizations hire freshmen from prestigious universities like the IITs or NITs, and they conduct campus recruitment at these prestigious universities or prefer to hire individuals with experience. The rationale is that these businesses have a set budget and are required to fill the position within that limit. If they visit any colleges, this budget also accounts for travel expenses, hiring fees, and other charges. Therefore, they choose going to institutions where they can locate qualified candidates to hire. The majority of the time, conventional engineering colleges screen everyone and don’t identify any qualified individuals. Thus, if you are a graduate of one of these prestigious institutions, you are fortunate and won’t have to face any problems in the first step.
  • If we are talking about students from private engineering institutions, we must say that you might need to work hard and put forth extra effort to receive a call from these businesses, but don’t be discouraged; if you adhere to some advice and adopt the proper strategy, you can receive interview calls.
  • If you already have software development experience, you can apply directly to these organizations or receive recommendations from those who already work there.
Useful Tips for getting an interview call in Product Based Companies:
  • The first thing that is important in gaining a call for an interview is your CV. Recruiters spend only 10-15 seconds perusing a resume, so make sure every line you write in yours (especially the top) addresses the question “Why should we hire this person?” It should be concise and precise, so attempt to condense everything on only one page. You can also use any online resume builder to quickly construct a resume that will impress hiring managers.
  • Use LinkedIn now. Make as many connections as you can, there You have a better chance of getting an interview call if you talk to recruiters or ask for a recommendation from workers at these organisations. Make sure your connections and LinkedIn profile are top-notch. There are occasions when recruiters create a shortlist of applicant profiles from them.
  • If you lack experience, start by honing your programming skills. On some reputable websites, you can take part in hackathons or coding challenges. These websites include GeeksforGeeks, HackerRank, CodeChef, CareerCup, LeetCode, InterviewBit, HackerEarth, etc. where you may participate or improve your coding skills. Include a statement about your coding profile in your resume.
  • If you don’t have any experience, create some side projects or contribute to an open source project to highlight it on your resume. This will show employers that you are passionate about programming. Any type of project is acceptable, including a web application, video game, Android or iOS app, etc.
  • While in college, apply for internships to gain practical experience working in the industries; be sure to highlight this on your resume. Your internship may occasionally turn into a full-time position, and most employers prefer to recruit interns to test out their abilities before hiring a full-time fresher applicant.
  • Finding a mentor who has been working on a project for a long time and asking them for advice is one of the best things you can do. You can create a proposal with your mentor and submit it to the GSoC together (Google summer of code). If GSoC approves it and you successfully complete your project, you can obtain a certificate from there that is extremely useful and serves as evidence of your programming prowess. You can highlight this in your CV or portfolio. If you possess a GSoC credential, Google will additionally consider these applicants. Additionally, you can look at the Google Summer of Code preparation.
  • Your GATE score can also help you gain calls from these product-based organizations, therefore if you have a high GATE score, make sure to highlight it in your CV as it demonstrates your proficiency in the fundamentals of computer science.
How to Succeed in Cracking the Product Based Companies Interviews?

All of these organisations have a somewhat similar interview process once you’ve been shortlisted for interviews, where you may have to go through 5 or 6 rounds. What will they ask you in these next 5–6 rounds is the question at hand. Where you should concentrate your efforts or where you may get the tools you need to get ready for these rounds We’ll go into further detail about this. Once you are selected for an interview, the procedure is outlined below-

  • The purpose of the aptitude and logical reasoning stage, which is only open to applicants through campus recruiting, is to weed out the competition and choose candidates for the next round of problem-solving and coding. You don’t need to spend as much time studying for aptitude or logical reasoning as you would for a government or competitive test because this round is MCQ-based. To be selected for this round, put a couple weeks into this section. You should concentrate on basic mathematics, and you can use GeeksforGeeks or other resources to get answers to some basic mathematics problems or to test your aptitude and logical reasoning.
  • Can you code?” is the technical round. Yes, this is the interviewer’s primary concern, and most candidates might find this round to be apprehensive. When you are called for a face-to-face interview after being shortlisted for them, they may ask you to first complete an online coding test or a telephone interview. The Data Structure and Algorithms section is where you need to concentrate since you will be asked to solve coding issues in this round, which is designed to test your problem-solving and coding skills.
  • They will give you problems to solve, and you must create the code for them. They will also evaluate the best solution you can offer to those difficulties. You should be aware of the time and space complexity of the solution as well as when to use which data structure or technique. Whiteboard interviews or pen and paper rounds can be used during face-to-face rounds. Use the URL we mentioned in the previous stage to practice the coding. Following the coding round, you will advance to the following phase, where you must be ready with all the answers pertaining to the projects you have accomplished while working, interning, or working on any other kind of side project.
  • You should be knowledgeable about your projects, including your favourite, your contribution, any significant effects your solution may have had on the website, and other project-related information. After the coding phase, these firms also hold system design rounds where you’ll be asked to create a system like Twitter, Messenger, or social media, and you’ll need to explain your entire strategy.

HR Round for Product Based Companies

This is the company’s final round in which they will assess the applicant’s cultural fit. Questions of this nature include how you handle pressure, how you coordinate with coworkers, how college life is, whether you have short- or long-term ambitions, and why you want to join the business. Just be careful not to say anything hurtful so that they can decide whether you fit with their organisational culture.

Useful Tips to How to Get a Job in Product Based Companies:

  • When an interviewer poses a problem, make sure to clear all your doubts first and ask relevant questions.
  • If necessary, briefly explain the brute force strategy. Write the software for that once you are finished and the interviewer is persuaded. If you don’t know the entire solution to the problem, some interviewers will also try to assist you while you are coding. Even if you don’t have the whole answer, they can still point you in the right direction and give you some pointers, so keep talking to them. You might be chosen if your strategy is sound.
  • They always expect a better solution when you code for the problem the interviewer has given you, therefore if they ask you to provide another optimised solution, you must explain a new strategy. Tell them that one if they were anticipating a recursive solution. Inform them of the answer if they attempt to alter your question in any way, for as by modifying the number of inputs or the order of an array. They examine your method of approaching a subject and your way of thinking about it. They usually do this to see if you can come up with a solution to a problem you’ve never encountered before.
  • Consider all of the test cases before writing any code, and create reusable functions that are tiny, loosely connected, and only perform one task. Your program should be brief and basic. Avoid using a lot of nested if/else situations or extraneous variables.
  • Make a group of two to three persons, and do some practice interviews. Try practicing your coding using paper and a pen or on a whiteboard.
  • Most students and others have this notion that these firms give preference to new technology or any popular language, which is entirely false. A programming language is only a tool to develop your code.
  • In this round, talk more and explain things more. Don’t try to answer the questions in your head or take any action. Communicate with the interviewer and explain how you plan to fix the problem. Additionally, be kind and polite throughout the interview. Avoid becoming confident or arrogant by smiling and making eye contact.

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