Is Accenture a good company to join as a fresher? Must Prepare these Interview Questions.

Is Accenture a good company to join as a fresher? Must Prepare these Interview Questions.

Is Accenture your dream company to work as a fresher? Try answering these previously asked Accenture interview questions.

One of the top IT companies in India is Accenture, which is also the top provider of management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing worldwide.

Keep in mind that having excellent technical abilities alone won’t get you through an interview at Accenture if you’re planning to land a job at the firm. Presentation Skills, Soft Skills are also as important as your technical skills.

We have put together a list of such unconventional, fundamental job interview questions that Accenture has previously used during the interviews.

1. What does Java’s “static” keyword mean?

2. Can we use one Java class to implement numerous interfaces?

3. What purpose do the Java keywords “super” and “this” serve?

4. What exactly is run-time polymorphism and how does Java implement it?

5. Differentiate between the Java-provided Array and ArrayList.

6. What does Java’s “Diamond issue” mean?

7. How are C, C++, and Java distinct from one another?

8. What do Java lambda expressions do?

9. Are you able to distinguish between “var++” and “++var”?

10. Describe how to allocate memory in C.

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Is Accenture a good company to join as a fresher?

Yes, Accenture is a good career start for freshers, it very much depends on the people you are working with and the projects you are assigned to. Accenture will conduct an exam. For that exam study materials were given before joining. After passing the exam employees undergo Accenture GFT(Green Field Training). This is basically stream-based training. Then within 2 weeks after GFT, you will be assigned to projects based on your performance. 

How is life in Accenture India for a fresher?

Accenture India is one of the leading service-based companies in India, it definitely is a good company to start your career as a fresher.

Will I get the on-site opportunity in Accenture as a fresher?

As a fresher in Accenture chances are very low, but it depends on your project also, if you are a major stakeholder in a project you might get the opportunity, you need to have a very good relationship with your reporting manager and on-site project team.

What will be Accenture ASE Role Responsibilities as a fresher?

You will generally start with ASE (Associate Software Engineer) and be assigned a particular stream and that matters really. The following are the 3 streams

JAVA: Good if you are interested in coding and planning on a career in the same. Most stressful of the 3.

SAP: Average growth but when you are switching companies people will grab you like anything as this is an in-demand job. Average stress. And hey! this is not open source, meaning you won’t be able to clear your doubts through the web, at least not all of it.

Tester: Poor growth as you will working on manual testing for the first 1.5 years and later on automation and code. Least stressful.

What is in hand salary for the Accenture ASE Associate Software Engineer Position?

Role: Associate Software Engineer (Accenture)Programmer Analyst Trainee(cognizant) – 4.50 LPA

Worked Days: 31

GROSS: ₹ 30,000

Provident Fund: – ₹2,000

NET: ₹ 28,000

  • Also, you will be given ₹ 25,000 as a signing bonus and ₹ 10,000 for completing the fundamental assessment on the first attempt.
  • Complete reimbursement of COVID-19 vaccination.
  • ₹ 18,000 for WFH Reimbursement.

Role: Software Engineer (FSE) – Rs. 6.50 LPA

Fixed Pay – Rs 5.41 Lakhs

Performance-based Pay – Rs 82,500/- (in a performance cycle)

One Time Joining Bonus ~ Rs 26,500/-

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