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Get ready to unlock the world of programming excitement with CodeVita! It’s more than just a contest; it’s a vibrant culture that brings people from diverse backgrounds and cultures together, shattering physical and cultural boundaries. At TCS, we believe that programming is a thrilling adventure, and that’s why we created CodeVita!

Started in 2012 in India, this coding extravaganza aimed to showcase the countless applications of coding while identifying brilliant programming talent. The overwhelming response from the first two domestic seasons fueled our ambition, and in 2014, we proudly went global. The inaugural global edition featured 6 teams in the finals, proving that CodeVita had become a truly global phenomenon.

Fast forward to Season 10, and we witnessed a jaw-dropping 3,05,000+ registrations from 87 countries, representing over 3500 institutes. Imagine participants from 10 regions engaging in a thrilling battle during the grand finale! Are you intrigued? Brace yourself for more exhilarating programming challenges and unforgettable experiences with CodeVita!


Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

 Lao Tzu


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