UST Global Off Campus Drive Hiring Freshers For Embedded Software Developer Position

UST Global

Developer I – Embedded Software

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Role Proficiency:

Develop validate and repair defects for the small modules in the embedded systems under continuous guidance.


  1.      Learn the existing embedded code flow and modify for feature enhancements /defects.
  2.      Execute 1st level analysis on failure logs
  3.      Identify and report issues related to platform
  4.      Conduct unit test to validate unit level functionalities
  5.      Prepare technical-defect analysis reports.
  6.      Adhere to project timelines and communicate effectively over e-mails and conversations
  7. Learn technology business domain system domain individually as recommended by project/account

Measures of Outcomes:

  1.      Adherence to project level guidelines process and coding standards.
  2.      Adherence to problems reporting template with detailed supporting information
  3.      Percent of unit test coverage with number of defects root caused vs. number of iterations collected on defect logs.
  4.      Number of documents he/she was part of against the benchmark.
  5.      Adherence to schedule and timelines.
  6.      Adherence to project SLA’s/KPI’s wherever applicable.
  7. Number of defects from the code delivered.

Outputs Expected:


  1. Understand the user stories and defect reproduction steps from any agile tools
  2. Consume project related documents share point libraries client universities


  1. Learn coding standards and practice them during enhancement and development.
  2. Understand the code flow and develop code with guidance.


  1. Create and execute unit testing. Document test results

Manage Defects:

  1. Raise retest defects with the BKM’s (Best Known Methods) / debug /troubleshooting guide steps provided


  1. Update the documentation for Defect analysis BKM’s. Create the learning and training documents.

Status Reporting:

  1. Report status of tasks assigned. Comply with project related reporting standards and process

Skill Examples:

  1.      Ability to boot any Dev kits like Raspberry pi PIC based controllers.
  2.      Ability to execute the tests and collect logs from BIOS using UART & OS terminals.
  3.      Aptitude in using oscilloscope multi meter for debugging purpose.
  4.      Ability to follow BKM’s and bring up boards flash BIOS/OS.
  5.      Ability to use configuration management tools to checkout & check-in the code without issues.
  6. Proactively ask for and offer help

Knowledge Examples:

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