Latest updates to TCS Appraisal System now include bonuses for employees working from the office

Latest updates to TCS Appraisal System now include bonuses for employees working from the office

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has updated its appraisal system to include points for working from the office. An email was sent to managers and team leaders requesting that they assign a “Return to Office” goal to their team members, with a target of an average of 3 days a week at the nearest TCS office. The company plans to adopt a 25/25/25 model by 2025, in which all employees will be required to spend 25% of their time in the office, and only 25% of employees will be physically present at TCS offices at any one time.

“Hi All, I request all the appraisers to assign the below RTO (Return To Office) goal immediately to all your team members.” This email was sent to managers and team leaders.

“Goal – Return to office; Target – Average 3 days a week from the nearest TCS office.” the mail further added.

When asked about this development, the company stated that appraisals are designed to be a feedback and improvement mechanism for associates and cover a range of expectations including work performance, collaborative working, learning, professional conduct, and other relevant areas. The company’s Chief Operating Officer, N Ganapathy Subramaniam, stated that there is a greater realization that more things get done when coming to the office.

However, the company will continue taking precautionary measures, especially with the rising scenario of Covid-19 cases around the globe, and will not make working from the office mandatory. The company has also ruled out 100% remote work for everyone.

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