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Question 1. What Is The Maximum Memory Supported On My Aspire R7 Series Notebook?
Answer :
The Aspire R7 series notebook can support up to 12 GB of memory. The accessible memory slot supports up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory to give you a total of 12 GB.

Question 2. Can The Auto-rotate Feature Be Turned Off?
Answer :
Auto-rotation of the screen is one of the innovative features available on the Aspire R7 series. This feature is required for screen operation in various modes, and should not be disabled.

Question 3. Can I Adjust The Keyboard Led Back Light?
Answer :
The LED backlit keyboard brightness on the Aspire R7 series can be adjusted to full, half, or disabled. You can perform these adjustments by pressing the Fn + F9 keys together.

Question 4. What Can I Do If The Computer Does Not Respond?
Answer :
The Aspire R7 has a pinhole button to reset the system when it no longer responds The pinhole is located on the bottom of the computer. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for four seconds to reset the computer.

Question 5. Can I Play Dvds And Blu-rays On My Aspire R7 Using An External Optical Drive?
Answer :
The Aspire R7 series supports DVD and Blu-Ray playback through the Acer Media application.

Question 6. How Do I Enable And Disable The Keyboard On My Aspire R7 Series?
Answer :
The Acer Aspire R7 series keyboard can be enabled and disabled by pressing the Fn + F10 keys together. If you attempt to use the keyboard while it is disabled you will see an icon of a keyboard with a red line through it.

Question 7. Where Can I Locate The Serial Number Or Snid On The Aspire R7 Series?
Answer :
The serial number or SNID can be found on the hinge of the device. The label is visible in Ezel™ mode or monitor mode.

Question 8. Can I Connect My Aspire R7 Series To A Lan Or Vga Port?
Answer :
To connect to a LAN or connect to a VGA monitor, you first have to connect the Acer Converter cable to the Acer Converter Port (CP) on your computer. The Acer converter cable is a one-to-three cable that provides an Ethernet port, VGA port and an additional USB port.
The Acer Mini CP to VGA/LAN/USB converter can be purchased from the Acer Store by searching under Accessories and clicking on Cables.

Question 9. Can I Connect A Display Port Monitor To The Acer Converter Port?
Answer :
The Acer Converter Port uses the same physical port as a Mini Display Port, but is designed to connect to an Acer proprietary cable. If you connect a Display Port monitor, Acer cannot guarantee the functionality of the monitor.
No damage should occur to either monitor or notebook by connecting a Mini Display Port cable.

Question 10. How Do The Speakers On My Aspire R7 Series Notebook Work?
Answer :
The Aspire R7 series notebook is equipped with four 2 Watt stereo speakers. These speakers are located in the four corners on the bottom of the notebook.
When the Aspire R7 changes modes, the internal speakers will change left and right orientation to match that mode. For example, when you are in laptop mode and switch to monitor mode the speaker orientation will change.
Note: The feature for switching speaker orientation only works with the built-in speakers. External speakers will not switch orientation.

Question 11. Can I Change The Orientation Of My Aspire R7 Series Display In Windows Mobility Center?
Answer :
The image on your screen can be rotated with Windows Mobility Center using the keyboard or touchpad. Touchscreen input will only be accepted in Touchpad mode.

Question 12. Is My Aspire R7 Series Notebook Compatible With 5 Ghz 802.11n Wireless Access Points?
Answer :
The wireless LAN card in the Aspire R7 series notebook is compatible with both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz 802.11n devices.

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