Which are the MOST IMPORTANT ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT INTERVIEW QUESTIONS? Are you interested in creative job? Interested in ad agency works? Advertising management  is a creative process including settling on of numerous layered choices including the creating publicizing techniques, setting a publicizing spending plan, setting promoting goals, deciding the objective market, media procedure which includes media arranging and building up the message system and so forth. advertising management develops and keeps attractive advertisements to get more customers. There are many jobs in advertising management such as key account manager, strategy manager, marketing executives, advertisement manager, communication manager, public relations manager and PR and media advertising marketing executive etc. please check out advertising management jobs interview questions and answers page to short list in your interview.

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Question 1. What Is Advertising?
Answer :
Advertising is defined as a paid form of communication that reaches the target audience through mass media to provide product/service and brand related information.

Question 2. How Would You Design And Promote An Advertising Campaign?
Answer :
An advertisement campaign must comprise of the following:

A solid marketing plan

Advertising budget

Media buying and planning

Choosing the right target audience

Selection of relevant advertising medium

Consistency in campaign theme and


Question 3. What Are The Various Media Available For Advertising Today? Which Of Them Is Most Successful In Your Opinion And Why?
Answer :

Media Advertising (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines)

Direct Response Advertising

Interactive (on-line) Advertising & Web Sites

Outdoor Advertising (billboards, posters, cinema)

Point-of-Purchase Advertising

Trade Promotions

Consumer Promotions

Sponsorship of Event Marketing

Publicity or Public Relations

Media Advertising (TV, radio, newspaper, magazines)

Trade Journal Advertising

Interactive (on-line) Advertising & Web Sites


Direct Mail

Brochures & Sales Literature

Audio-Visual Presentation Tapes


Sponsorship or Event Marketing

Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Conventions

Publicity or Public Relations.

Question 4. What Are The Various Ways To Measure The Effectiveness Of An Advertising Campaign?
Answer :
The main purpose in measuring the effectiveness of any advertising campaigns is to evaluate its effect on the sales and also brand recall factor. The mathematical equation for measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is:
Advertising campaign effectiveness = Revenue + Return on investment (ROI)
There are various ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns:

Conducting a survey after the campaign ends

Proportionate increase in the sales of that particular product/service

More customers calling to a toll-free and prescribed lines

Redemption of coupons and vouchers

Increased footfalls in the store to purchase product/service

Increased click on the company’s website.

Question 5. What Qualities Does A Person Need To Be Successful In The Field Of Advertising?
Answer :
The following are the qualities required to be successful in the field of advertising:


Strategic focus

Knowledge and expertise in the field of advertising

Holding a relevant qualification in the field of advertising

Market research orientation

People skills etc.

Question 6. How Would You Choose The Best Media To Promote Your Advertisement?
Answer :
It depends on the following factors:


Geographical spread

Nature of target audience/clusters

Previous successful track records

Low budget; high returns etc.

Question 7. How Effective Is Online Advertising? Which Type Of Products Should Be Advertised Online?
Answer :
Today, internet plays a pivotal role in both B2B and B2C space. Internet advertising helps the company to reach a large target audience in a small budget and also is easily measurable. It’s highly effective in creating and increasing brand awareness on a whole for any product/service. The following are the various ways to measure the effectiveness of online advertising:

Downloading of brochures/contact forms

Completing a transaction on Shopping cart section of the website

Subscription to newsletter/webinars

Online enquiry about the product/service through company’s email address

Google analytics

Web analytics.

Question 8. What Factors Would You Consider To Decide The Target Audience Of Your Ad?
Answer :
The following are the factors to be considered before deciding the target audience for any advertisements:


Working class(professionals)

Non – working class(Retired/Home makers)

Socio economic status

Region specific

Religion/community etc.

Question 9. Explain A.) Deceptive Ad B.) Unfair Ad?
Answer :
Deceptive Ad
Deceptive advertising is also known as “False Advertising”. It is one form of advertising that will equip consumers with false and misleading information.

Unfair Ad
Unfair advertising is very dangerous to consumers that involve legal binding. When there is an occurrence of public policy and consumer rights violation in an advertising message, then it is coined as “Unfair advertising”.

Question 10. What Would You Do If You Run Out Of Ideas For A New Ad?
Answer :
I would do the following if I run out of ideas for a new ad:

Word of mouth marketing

Direct marketing

Public opinions survey

Trade show/exhibition promotion etc.

Question 11. What Do You Understand By Advertising?
Answer :
Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.

Question 12. State The Difference Between Advertisement And Publicity?
Answer :

Advertisement is paid whereas publicity is not paid.

Ads create short-term push whereas publicity is more long-lived effecting the brand image.

Normally publicity is a one-way (irreversible) process.

Question 13. What Do You Understand By Surrogate Advertising?
Answer :
Surrogate advertising is an indirect form of advertising, which is used in situations where advertising will be legally banned.

Question 14. In Marketing, How Does Communication Work To The Customer? Can You Describe Briefly The Various Modes Of Communication Of A Leading Consumer Finance Company?
Answer :
The various modes of communication of a leading consumer finance company can be


Sales promotion

Public relation or publicity

Personal selling

direct marketing.

Question 15. In Advertising When Is Pricing Used To Influence The Customer?
Answer :
In advertising, pricing influences consumer behavior leading to purchase and non— purchase. The factors, which affect these relationships are: unique value effects, substitute effect, shared-cost effect.

Question 16. What Proportion Will You Adopt While Making Allotments To Advertisements And Promotions From The Total Budget For Marketing?
Answer :
The five specific factors which affect advertising budget allotment are: stage in plc; market share and customer base; competition and clutter; advertising frequency and product substitutability. Media categories can be chosen using the following variables: target audience media habits, product features messages and costs.

Question 17. What Are The Major Steps In Developing An Effective Marketing Program? Can You Develop A Communication Program For A Television Company For The Indian Market? How Effective Are Road Shows?
Answer :
An effective marketing program should be developed with an appropriate mix of advertising, sales promotions, public relation, personal selling and direct marketing based on the resources of the company and the marketing objective.
Road shows are effective for products that are new models and consumers need to be taught as to how to use them. Television in India is a matured product. Features of TV are not new to the consumers. Hence road-shows for TVs may not be a good idea.
If the advertisements are rational highlighting only one or two features to position the TV or to strike a cord with the consumer — it is an effective marketing program.

Question 18. Is Advertising The Only Way To Entice A Target Market Towards Product? Explain.
Answer :
Advertising is not the only way to entice customers to buy the product. Advertising itself can’t sell products or services. It is one of the elements in the marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion. And the four elements of the marketing mix when focused on consumer satisfaction results in attracting the target consumer to the product or service. Advertising is an effective tool to communicate, convince and induce purchaser behavior of consumers when all the other elements are aligned to consumers tastes and interests.

Question 19. What Do You Mean By Reach And Frequency? Do You Think These Factors Are Inversely Proportional In A Given Budget? Why?
Answer :
The number of different persons or households exposed to a particular media, schedule at least once during a specified time period – is called reach. Whereas. The number of times within the specified time period that an average person or household is exposed to the message – is called frequency. They are not inversely proportional. One can choose different channels to use different segment’s using appropriate frequency. However, within a segment the rule seems to be applied.

Question 20. As A Marketing Manager Of An Insurance Company. How Do You Go About Designing An Effective Communication Program For Your Company?
Answer :
Insurance is a pure service. The intangibility of the service makes it difficult for people to appreciate its worth. The advertisement campaign should therefore be straight forward and simple. The message can be benefit-based visual picturization. A comfortable, though bereaved family, old couple (happy), children’s education / marriage etc.

Question 21. What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising?
Answer :
Advertising is paid, public, non-personal announcement of a persuasive message by an identified sponsor the non-personal presentation or promotion by a firm of its products to its existing and potential customers.
Marketing: The systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of business activities intended to bring together buyers and sellers for the mutually advantageous exchange or transfer of products.

Question 22. How Would You Involve In Yourself In A Book Club?
Answer :
Get together in a core group – It is much easier to get involved in a book club with two or three people who already have some connection. Sometimes you might find people to joining book club right away.
Set a regular meeting time – As you can imagine, it is often difficult to coordinate that many schedules. Go ahead and set a regular meeting time and date for your book club with your core group. By setting the time, you avoid playing favorites when working around schedules and are up front about what commitment is required.
Look for Advertisement a book clubs- The best advertising is often word of mouth. You could also look for a book club in other print media.
Learning about Establish ground rules – Get together with your potential book club members and learn about ground rules should include how books are chosen, who hosts, who leads discussions, and what kind of commitment is expected. If you did not set the meeting time with your core group, do that now.

Question 23. From Its Total Income A Company Spent $20000 For Advertising, Half Of The Remainder On Bonuses And Had $6000 Left. What Was The Total Income?
Answer :

Question 24. Has Google Ever Incorporated In-game Advertising Into Its Ads Services Before Approaching Adscape Media?
Answer :
No. Google has not done that before.

Question 25. What Is The “google Click Fraud”?
Answer :
Click fraud is a type of internet crime that occurs in pay per click online advertising when a person, automated script, or computer program imitates a legitimate user of a web browser clicking on an ad, for generating a charge per click without having actual interest in the target of the ad’s link. Click fraud is the subject of some controversy and increasing litigation due to the advertising networks being a key beneficiary of the fraud whether they like it or not.

Question 26. What Is The Purpose Of Vrrp?
Answer :
Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is a non-proprietary redundancy protocol described in RFC 3768 designed to increase the availability of the default gateway servicing hosts on the same subnet. This increased reliability is achieved by advertising a “virtual router” (an abstract representation of master and backup routers acting as a group) as a default gateway to the host(s) instead of one physical router. Two or more physical routers are then configured to stand for the virtual router, with only one doing the actual routing at any given time.
If the current physical router that is routing the data on behalf of the virtual router fails, an arrangement is made for another physical router to automatically replace it. The physical router that is currently forwarding data on behalf of the virtual router is called the master router. Physical routers standing by to take over from the master router in case something goes wrong are called backup routers.

Question 27. How Does One Come Up With Professionally Made Marketing Materials?
Answer :
Have a clear vision of your target market and carefully assess the products you are offering. The advertising materials have to communicate effectively who you are and what you offer.

Question 28. How Can You Launch A Marketing Campaign On A Shoestring Budget?
Answer :
Word-of-mouth is the key.

Question 29. How Can You Use Word-of-mouth As A Marketing Tool?
Answer :
You can generate it by offering a new, good quality and unique product or service that is reasonably prices.

Question 30. What Is Photo Editing?
Answer :
The photographs affecting negatively to the public sentiment and psychology should be avoided. Thus before publishing a photograph in any media it needs to be edited, whether the photo has some massage to public and should consider the public interest.

Question 31. What Is Different Between Advertisements And Sales?
Answer :
Advertisement-means creating awareness about the product to the world
Sales-means make available that product in the market for using it by the consumers for an exchange of monitory value.

Question 32. What Are The Advantages Of Franchising A Restaurant?
Answer :
The advantages of franchising are-
If you get the right franchise in the right place, it can be a lucrative opportunity.
You do not have to come up with your own brand name and establish yourself from scratch. In most cases, you are relying on the franchise name to have a certain amount of awareness and a quality product that people know and want in your area.
There is help, training available to get you up, and running. Most franchises will train you to make their product and teach you how to run one of their units.
There is marketing support already in place. You will have to pay for it, but with the big name franchises, there is advertising and promotional support.

Question 33. What Is A Press Release?
Answer :
Press release also known as a news release is a written or recorded communication for news media for announcing something claimed as having news value.

Question 34. What Is A News Article?
Answer :
A news article is a gathering of facts written by journalist published in the news or the print media.

Question 35. What Is The Truth Involved In Advertising Rules Which Applies To Advertisers?
Answer :
1. Advertisers should always ensure the following is kept in mind before advertising.
2. Advertising must always be highly truthful non-deceptive.
3. Ads should be a fair deal.
4. Advertisers should always keep backups on the claims and have evidence for their advertising.

Question 36. What Are The Evidences One Should Hold For The Claims They Get On The Ads They Put Up?
Answer :
Whenever company runs an ad it should have a reasonable basis for the claims they get, which is the evidences for the claims that they receive. These claims must be healthy and safe claims and which has a competent and scientific evidences that is evaluated by qualified people and can be reviewed, modified, and can make additions to it.

Question 37. What Do You If You Run Out Of Ideas For New Ad?
Answer :
One should always be creative when you are in advertising field. When you are running out of ideas refer internet, forums, open source ad sense, and blogs, advanced search engine options, use various communication groups, and approach them for to get ideas.

Question 38. What Is The Main Cause For Advertisement To Be Deceptive?
Answer :
An ad is deceptive when it omits any information or contains any wrong statement. As it is likely to mislead the customers who will be reacting reasonably under various circumstances and which will help the customer to analyze and decide whether to buy or use the product.

Question 39. What Kinds Of Penalties Are Involved Against A Company That Runs A Deceptive Ad?
Answer :
Penalties are considered on the nature of violation the company has done by using a deceptive ad.
Usually penalties could be as follow:
1. Civil penalties
2. Cease and desist orders
3. Consumer redress
4. Monetary compensation

Question 40. What Makes An Advertisement Unfair?
Answer :
If it is likely to cause a substantial injury to the customer, which consumer cannot avoid. If it not beneficial to the customer

Question 41. Which Ever Company Has Offered A Money Back Guarantee, Very Few People In The Market Claim Back. Should We Still Have The Proof To Support Company’s Advertising Claims?
Answer :
Yes, Company should have the records and the proofs to support their company’s advertising claims, as it is not a substitute for substantiation.

Question 42. Are There Any Limits On Ads For Alcoholic Beverages Can Run And How They Can Exhibit?
Answer :
The ads shown for alcoholic beverages should be very truthful to the best of the knowledge unlike other ads. In addition to these alcohol ads, contents or placement may not be directed to underage customers. Few broadcasters place additional restrictions as to when and where these alcohol ads should run.

Question 43. When A Company Distributes The Catalog Of Products Manufactured By Other Companies, What Will Be The Main Responsibility To Ensure The Accuracy Of The Content Mentioned In The Catalog?
Answer :
Usually people tend to repeat what other companies say about their product, which also includes the companies, which has online catalog. One should have the proper material back up the claims. Hence once should ensure that the company ad catalog is not a duplicate of the other company’s ad and the same content is not mentioned.

Question 44. What Do You Know About Internet Advertising?
Answer :
Today Internet is one of the easiest means to advertise which in turn helps marketers to consume. There are certain rules, which have to be followed and applied as similar to other forms of advertising. Those rules will help business and consumers to maintain the internet credibility, which is a highly effective advertising medium.

Question 45. How Important Disclaimer Or Disclosure Does Should Be In Ads?
Answer :
The information should be presented very clearly and conspicuously so that the same will be noticed by the customer and understand the same. A very neat fine print is very important on the bottom of the print ad.

Question 46. How Disclaimer And Disclosure Does Work Online?
Answer :
Regardless of the means of the advertisement whether printing ads or mail or online the policy of disclaimer and disclosure remains same. It must be clear and conspicuous through online advertising special guidance, which has to be followed as also few issues like pop up windows, hyperlinks, scrolling and banner ads should be looked.

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