Tech Mahindra Job Roles & Salary Information For Freshers And Experience Candidates

Job Roles & Salary Information For Freshers And Experience Candidates

Tech Mahindra Salary

Tech Mahindra Salary Package for Freshers in India is quite impressive. Average annual salary for Tech Mahindra is Rs. 606,681/- a year. Check Tech Mahindra Starting Salary for Freshers as well as experience holder from here. Software Engineer Tech Mahindra Salary 2022 as well as pay scale of other job profiles is given here.  

Tech Mahindra Salary

Tech Mahindra Software Engineer Salary

(Rs. 93,406 – Rs. 52,30,902/-):

The work of Software Engineer is that they needs to identify the issues that are related to quality of systems. They needs to investigate and use the technologies, communicate with colleagues to develop the technical designs and standard operating procedures.

The average Software Engineer Salary in Tech Mahindra is Rs. 4,40,369/-.

Senior Software Engineer Tech Mahindra Salary

(Rs. 1,03,327 – Rs. 16,55,575):

The responsibility of Senior Software Engineer is to develop and design high-quality software’s. They needs to execute tasks in the software development life cycle. They have to communicate with internal teams for product improvement. They have to make sure that the software is up-to-date with latest technologies.

The average Tech Mahindra Senior Software Engineer Salary is Rs.7,42,278/-.

Tech Mahindra Freshers Salary

(Rs. 242,849 to Rs. 1,557,525 a year):

Know here “What is The Salary For Freshers In Tech Mahindra?” The Average Tech Mahindra Fresher Salary is Rs. 606,681 a year.

Tech Mahindra Salary Structure For Experienced:

You can check Tech Mahindra Salary per month/ yearly basis from below:

ProfileExperience LevelAverage tech mahindra salary
Tech Mahindra Salary Software Engineer1-13 yrs experience5 LPA
Technical Associate3-12 yrs experience11.1 LPA
Software Developer1 – 12 yrs experience5.5 LPA
Technical Lead7 – 14 yrs experience12.2 LPA
Team Leader5 – 15 yrs experience9.2 LPA
Software Test Engineer1 – 10 yrs experience4.5 LPA
Associate Software Engineer0 – 9 yrs experience3.8 LPA
Senior Technical Associate4 – 15 yrs experience14.4 LPA
Project Manager10 – 21 yrs experience15.1 LPA
Customer Care Executive0 – 8 yrs experience1.8 LPA

Tech Mahindra Salary for 8 Years Experience:

Senior Software Engineer
with 1-4 years of experienceRs. 645,733/-
with 5-9 years of experienceRs. 639,524/-

Tech Mahindra City Wise Salary

Tech Mahindra Salary in Kolkata:

Tech Mahindra Kolkata Salary is given here:

Software EngineerRs. 4,87,749/yr
Technical AssociateRs. 5,33,134/yr
Senior Software EngineerRs. 6,08,843/yr
Software Engineer – MonthlyRs. 30,442/mo
Sr. Software EngineerRs. 559K – Rs. 955K
Senior Project ManagerRs. 2,859K – Rs. 3,259K
Associate Software EngineerRs. 324K – Rs. 426K
Graduate Engineer TraineeRs. 312K – Rs. 423K
Customer Service Associate – MonthlyRs. 8K – Rs. 11K
Tech LeadRs. 716K – Rs. 786K
Senior Business Analyst – Monthly ContractorRs. 20K – Rs. 21K
Associate Manager Human ResourcesRs. 659K – Rs. 714K
Associate Team LeadRs. 522K – Rs. 571K
Senior ArchitectRs. 3,544K – Rs. 3,869K
Technical Associate – MonthlyRs. 14K – Rs. 15K
Software DeveloperRs. 397K – Rs. 430K
Agent – MonthlyRs. 18K – Rs. 20K
Solution DesignerRs. 1,208K – Rs. 1,333K
Senior Solutions ArchitectRs. 2,038K – Rs. 2,206K

Tech Mahindra Hyderabad Salary:

Software EngineerRs. 4,35,977/yr
Senior Software EngineerRs. 6,95,039/yr
Associate Software EngineerRs. 3,83,199/yr
Software Engineer – MonthlyRs. 32,105/mo
Project ManagerRs. 13,62,119/yr
Software Test EngineerRs. 4,76,373/yr
Business AssociateRs. 4,60,988/yr
Project LeadRs. 12,91,584/yr
Tech LeadRs. 11,75,646/yr
Team LeadRs. 6,76,739/yr
Associate Software Engineer – MonthlyRs. 28,199/mo
Software DeveloperRs. 4,81,083/yr
Business AnalystRs. 5,90,765/yr
Senior Software Engineer – MonthlyRs. 39,999/mo
Sr. Software EngineerRs. 6,41,524/yr
Systems EngineerRs. 4,04,167/yr
Senior Project ManagerRs. 16,61,014/yr
Technical Support AssociateRs. 2,63,351/yr
Test EngineerRs. 4,80,052/yr
Technical LeadRs. 11,66,791/yr

Tech Mahindra Pune Salary:

Software EngineerRs. 412,923/yr
Technical AssociateRs. 533,134/yr
Senior Software EngineerRs. 651,233/yr
Software Engineer – MonthlyRs. 31,771/mo
Associate Software EngineerRs. 393,557/yr
Project ManagerRs. 1,454,002/yr
Software DeveloperRs. 469,480/yr
Tech LeadRs. 1,082,370/yr
Senior Technical AssociateRs. 1,031,447/yr
Associate Tech SpecialistRs. 1,087,495/yr
Software Test EngineerRs. 469,869/yr
Test EngineerRs. 479,292/yr
Sr. Software EngineerRs. 649,023/yr
Business AnalystRs. 519,648/yr
Technical Associate – MonthlyRs. 33,149/mo
Team LeadRs. 1,261,745/yr
Senior Network EngineerRs. 705,675/yr
Senior Software Engineer – MonthlyRs. 26,687/mo
Test LeadRs. 983,880/yr

Tech Mahindra Chennai Salary:

Software EngineerRs. 4,40,552/yr
Senior Software EngineerRs. 7,87,176/yr
Software Engineer – MonthlyRs. 29,061/mo
Associate Software EngineerRs. 3,84,041/yr
Tech LeadRs. 10,87,887/yr
Software DeveloperRs. 4,63,983/yr
Project ManagerRs. 18,00,000/yr
Business AnalystRs. 4,50,623/yr
Technical AssociateRs. 6,74,003/yr
Project LeadRs. 11,52,682/yr
Technical Support EngineerRs. 3,46,429/yr
Business ConsultantRs. 15,19,126/yr
Technical LeadRs. 11,40,918/yr
Technical AssociateRs. 4,27,509/yr
Sr. Software EngineerRs. 7,07,444/yr
Test EngineerRs. 4,52,356/yr
Senior Associate TG2 TechnicalRs. 14,53,129/yr

Tech Mahindra Bangalore Salary:

Software EngineerRs. 4,21,542/yr
Senior Software EngineerRs. 7,66,506/yr
Associate Software EngineerRs. 3,87,542/yr
Software Engineer – MonthlyRs. 28,778/mo
Tech LeadRs. 12,84,214/yr
Technical AssociateRs. 5,25,322/yr
Project ManagerRs. 18,15,518/yr
Senior Technical AssociateRs. 9,70,501/yr
Sr. Software EngineerRs. 8,08,183/yr
Project LeadRs. 11,40,328/yr
Software Test EngineerRs. 4,59,504/yr
Technical ArchitectRs. 17,93,647/yr
Software DeveloperRs. 4,59,076/yr
Senior Test EngineerRs. 7,68,745/yr
Junior Software EngineerRs. 3,37,135/yr
Associate Software Engineer – MonthlyRs. 27,603/mo
Test EngineerRs. 4,87,200/yr
Technical LeadRs. 13,91,307/yr

Tech Mahindra Salary in US:

Systems Analyst$86,216 per year
Computer Programmer$74,496 per year
Software Architect$92,208 per year
Telecommunications Technician$25.19 per hour
Software Engineer$87,983 per year
Software Architect$92,208 per year
Software Test Engineer$79,613 per year
Quality Assurance Engineer$76,060 per year
Systems Analyst$86,216 per year
Business Analyst$82,761 per year
Technical Consultant$104,882 per year
Application Analyst$70,849 per year
Database Administrator$54.17 per hour
Network Engineer$49.51 per hour
Technical Support$23.53 per hour
Administrator$90,000 per year

Tech Mahindra Salary India:

Tech Mahindra Salary in India According to Post:

Posts NameTech Mahindra Salaries in India
Technical AssociateRs. 3,69,578/-
Software EngineerRs. 364,000/-
Senior Software EngineerRs. 580,000/-
Associate Software EngineerRs. 3,00,728/-
Senior Technical AssociateRs. 6,36,155/-
Project ManagerRs. 12,73,405/-
Senior Associate TG2 TechnicalRs. 7,04,686/-
Software DeveloperRs. 4,18,172/-
Software EngineerRs. 25,930/-
Technical AssociateRs. 21,430/-
Business AnalystRs. 5,99,462/-
Test EngineerRs. 3,41,308/-
Senior Project ManagerRs. 15,96,875/-
Software Test EngineerRs. 3,32,723/-
Tech LeadRs. 8,02,936/-

Average Bonus for Tech Mahindra Ltd Employees:

Tech Mahindra Freshers Package as well experienced holders package:

Posts NameTech Mahindra Package
Senior Software EngineerRs 35,183/-
Software EngineerRs 5,481/-
Project Manager,
Technology (IT)
Rs 15,733/-
Sr. Software Engineer /
Developer /
Rs 4,597/-
Technical ArchitectRs 37,239/-
Technical Project ManagerRs 10,000/-
Team Leader, ITRs 86,000/-

Average Salary by Job for Tech Mahindra Ltd Employees:

Senior Software Engineer
SalaryRs 368,794 – Rs 895,209
BonusRs 0.00 – Rs 244,679
Profit DisbursementRs 3,319 – Rs 118,651
Total PayRs 390,843 – Rs 918,889
Software Engineer
SalaryRs 270,358 – Rs 501,722
BonusRs 0.00 – Rs 71,490
Profit DisbursementRs 1,287 – Rs 62,719
Total PayRs 267,152 – Rs 508,857
Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)
SalaryRs 795,873 – Rs 1,861,579
BonusRs 0.00 – Rs 268,855
Total PayRs 805,366 – Rs 1,861,579
Associate Software Engineer
SalaryRs 81,702 – Rs 314,949
Tech Mahindra HikeRs 2,445 – Rs 53,144
Total PayRs 92,291 – Rs 314,949
Application Developer
SalaryRs 185,266 – Rs 836,376
Total PayRs 187,521 – Rs 905,035
Application Support Analyst
SalaryRs 215,766 – Rs 514,350
Total PayRs 220,219 – Rs 562,968
Assistant Operations Manager
SalaryRs 450,611 – Rs 1,197,883
Total PayRs 476,916 – Rs 1,303,156
Associate Business Consultant
SalaryRs 402,896 – Rs 1,536,181
Total PayRs 394,965 – Rs 1,526,988
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineer
SalaryRs 333,464 – Rs 805,792
Total PayRs 325,648 – Rs 855,417
Database Administrator (DBA)
SalaryRs 186,018 – Rs 1,077,991
BonusRs 10,491 – Rs 142,134
Total PayRs 177,999 – Rs 1,124,427

Something to Know:

Tech Mahindra is one of the finest billions of Mahindra Group, in partnership with British Telecommunications plc (BT). It is one of the leading communications service providers in world. Tech Mahindra is a growing global systems integrator and business transformation consulting organization.

It has recently developed its IT portfolio by obtaining the leading global business and IT services company. Tech Mahindra represents the connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences, enabling Enterprises, Associates and the Society to Rise.

Mahindra and Mahindra Freshers Salary:

If applicants want to make their career in Tech Mahindra India, it’s better to know about Tech Mahindra Pay Scale and other Facilities first. You can check Tech Mahindra Salary for Freshers 2022, tech mahindra salary for 7 years experience, tech mahindra salary for 5 years experience, tech mahindra salary for 3 years experience and Tech Mahindra Salary for Experience Holders from this page.

Apart from paying high Mahindra and Mahindra Salary Structure, organisation has a comprehensive incentive structure in place that lets all its employees lead a superior quality of life. Its provides impressive salary to its employees In India, Tech Mahindra Package For Freshers 2022 is different for every Position and Department.


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