What is the Salary of a Web Developer in India?

What is the Salary of a Web Developer in India?

A web developer is an in-demand job role that requires a unique combination of programming, analytical and design skills. Web development is a popular career that offers a wide variety of employment opportunities and attractive salaries. Understanding job prospects and potential salaries in this line of work can help you decide if you want to pursue it. In this article, we examine the different types of web developer roles, their duties and average salaries.

How much does a web developer make?

If you want to become a web developer, you may have considered the question “How much does a web developer make?”. Typically, web developers earn comparatively higher salaries than programmers and coders. A web developer designs and maintains their client’s or company’s website. This is a complex process that requires technical and analytical skills. Most companies offer attractive salaries to hire the best talent to fulfill these requirements. A web developer’s salary may also depend on their educational background, domain of expertise, technical competence, work experience, location, and the scale of their operations. Some popular roles in web development include:

Web developer

Web developer duties include writing efficient, tested and functional code for websites. They create website layouts and user interfaces using programming languages and integrate data from databases and back-end services. They also create and maintain documentation, work with web designers, maintain scale and oversee the expansion of network operations. The average base salary of a web developer is ₹26,251 per month.

Web designer

Web designers are IT professionals who design, create and release client websites. They require knowledge in web designing software, JavaScript, PHP and .Net. Additional requirements are a knowledge of XHTML, CSS and the latest software development tools. Web designers can work as freelancers and engage with start-ups and public and private sector enterprises to design and maintain their websites. They can also work as regular employees for IT firms that design websites for their clients and digital marketing and advertising companies. The average base salary of a web designer is ₹23,338 per month.

Application Developer

Application developers specialize in developing web-based applications for mobile devices. Their primary duties include developing software solutions to meet the needs of users, testing and debugging source code, evaluating existing applications, making modifications and updates to applications and developing technical manuals and handbooks for users. The average base salary of an application developer is ₹42,621 per month.

Senior web developer

A senior web developer may lead a team of web developers and guide them in resolving technical issues, fixing bugs and keeping a website functional. They work with clients and businesses to identify user and system requirements for new websites and web applications. They assign tasks to team members and monitor progress to ensure that clients are able to launch websites on time. A senior web developer usually has significant experience in building websites and in managing multiple stages of the web development process. The average base salary of a senior web developer is ₹57,837 per month.

Front end web developer

The primary duty of a front end developer is to make it easy for users to use a website with no disruption or errors. They develop and maintain user interfaces for websites and also implement the design on mobile platforms. They manage software workflows, fix bugs, test for usability, follow up on reviews and make necessary changes and updations. These professionals require knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries like AngularJS, React or jQuery, and programming languages like Python or PHP. The average base salary of a front end developer is ₹41,231 per month.

Back end web developer

Back-end web developers focus on the functionality of websites. They are often responsible for developing and maintaining application logic on the server-side of sites and writing APIs and web services that front end developers use. They may also write reusable code snippets for future projects. Designing and implementing solutions for data storage and optimising sites for scalability and speed are additional duties of a back end developer. The average base salary of a back end developer is 33,823 per month.

Full stack developer

Developers proficient in front-end and back-end development are full-stack developers. Their primary duties include writing code, creating databases for website functionality and designing user interactions. Developing front-end web architecture and testing the effectiveness of code on multiple platforms are some additional duties of a full stack developer. Companies typically offer attractive salary packages to full-stack developers as they are knowledgeable in multiple disciplines and can engage with both front-end and back-end development workflows. The average base salary of a full stack developer is ₹53,426 per month.

What are the responsibilities of a web developer?

Developers identify a client’s requirements to build a site that reflects their vision. After learning what a client wants, developers apply their technical expertise to develop sites that accommodate those requirements. For example, an online gaming website requires graphics and sound integrations, while a news website could have simpler back end architecture.

An e-commerce website that facilitates purchases requires payment processing functionality. Some developers specialise in certain types of sites or certain steps in the development process, while others offer generalised service and build any type of site from start to finish. Some of the most common job duties for web developers include:

  • discussing client needs and expectations
  • managing and meeting deadlines
  • creating and testing applications and plug-ins for a site
  • writing code
  • working with graphic designers and other team members to create visually appealing layouts
  • integrating video, audio and other functional components into a site
  • monitoring traffic on a website
  • testing websites for errors and functionality issues

What factors determine the salary of a web developer?

Employers may pay attractive salaries to web developers after considering the value they can potentially add to the company’s operations. Companies look for experienced developers who design and develop fully functional websites. There are multiple factors that determine how much a web developer can make. If you are a web developer, you can consider these factors to improve your salary prospects:


Location is one of the main factors that impact a web developer’s salary. Companies consider living costs and local market rates when they determine salaries for their employees. For the same role, within the same company, salaries may differ based on the geographical location as well as living costs. If you are looking for higher salaries, you can consider working from a location that offers better pay packages for web developers. The highest-paying cities for web developers in India include:

  • Bengaluru
  • Ahmedabad
  • Noida
  • Kolkata
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai

Company size and type

When you are applying for a web developer role, consider the size and type of a company to estimate salary, perks and benefits. Start-ups with capital and established companies with international operations may offer attractive packages to web developers. Small businesses and medium-sized companies may employ one or a few web developers to run their entire digital operation. A web developer can work in smaller companies to build work experience, knowledge and relevant skills, and pursue jobs in start-ups and multinational companies as they progress in their career.


A web developer’s expertise in one or more programming languages can be another factor in determining their salaries. If a company has an existing website using a particular programming language, they may look for a web developer knowledgeable in that language and its associated frameworks and libraries. As a web developer, you can increase the scope of getting higher salaries by becoming an expert in one or more programming languages. C++, C, HTML, GO, Java and JavaScript are some programming languages to consider mastering.

Scope of work

The designation and specialization can also determine how much a web developer makes. Companies are likely to pay full-stack developers more than they offer a front-end or a back-end developer. If you are a web developer, you can pursue skills that can help you become a full-stack developer. A full-stack developer with a few years of experience designing, implementing and maintaining technological solutions can get attractive offers. Ruby, Python, and PHP are some specializations that can help a web developer earn a bigger salary.

Work experience

Work experience is a significant factor in determining the salary of a web developer. Web developer salaries typically increase as they progress from an entry-level role to a senior role. Administrative roles in web development may pay more than developer roles. Gaining experience in a relevant facet of web development can increase a web developer’s earning potential.

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