Which Service Based Company Should I Choose As A Fresher?

Which Service Based Company Should I Choose As A Fresher?

Which is the best service based company? Which service based company should I join as a fresher?  Best service based company for freshers? Most of us are seeking answers to these questions as a fresher. This blog from gradjobopenings.com will help you choose your first company of your career.

Capgemini – Software Engineer – 3.8 LPA

Accenture – Associate Software Engineer – 4.5 LPA

Cognizant – Programmer Analyst Trainee – 4 LPA

TCS – Assistant Systems Engineer – 3.36 LPA

Infosys – System Engineer – 3.6 LPA ( You can expect freshers hike 10-12% after August 2022)

All these companies are more or less one on the same so I would suggest you to pick one based on the following factors which are mentioned in ascending order of priority.

  1. Office Location : If you choose a company which is based on your location then trust me you can save a lot of money. It may not matter now due to the covid WFH scenario but down the lane when you are asked to come in person it will be really helpful.
  2. Brand Name : If you are planning on higher studies or looking for a good brand name then I would suggest you to go with Infosys / Accenture. Among the other companies listed above these companies have a better brand name and are respected more by the recruiters.
  3. Package : As you can see from the above list, Accenture and Cognizant tops the list but trust me, you will not feel the difference when receiving your paycheck. But if you want to have a slightly increased pay (₹500–₹900 extra) then go with Accenture/ Cognizant.

Also a very important tip : Always use these service based companies as a platform to jump to a better company (preferably product based) because generally the individual growth starts declining over time and my personal advice is to jump once you have 2 years work experience.

More Indian service based company comparisons 

1) Infosys: Great Training Environment, good transformation from College guy to IT professional. Nowadays people are getting a good Hike. However Working Hours matter a lot.

2) Accenture: Good in Employee satisfaction and great chances for Onsite as they have projects from globe. There are some many allowances and expenses provided by Accenture. Free transport and free GYM facility across organization.

3) TCS: Less package but secure life. Seems like Govt Organization. Go to TCS when you want settle in your life.

4) Wipro: No good culture and Work Environment.Famous for support projects.

5) Cognizant: Good Work Culture and If you work hard and if you get lucky Great Onsite opportunity for US(Atleast 3 Years). Transparent process. People love their tenure at Cognizant

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