Zoho Salary & Job Roles For Freshers

Zoho Salary & Job Roles For Freshers

Reasons to join ZOHO

  • You can be more productive during weekdays and there are functions, celebrations, every week to have fun too.
  • There are also small teams in ZOHO so whatever you do has a very large impact on the products.
  • There is no dress code and there are log-in or log-out times. You can come in at any time, work 8 hours, and can log out.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are free in ZOHO. Snacks and coffee are also available around the clock.
  • ZOHO has a great workout area for employees to help them be fit.
  • There is also a play area for Cricket, Basketball and more.
  • Night shift people also have free cab facilities at night.

There are many perks in working at ZOHO as each need of the employees are addressed.

The ZOHO Company Salary is high for everyone working in ZOHO and the ZOHO Freshers Salary is also pretty high for freshers.

Let us now move on to the ZOHO Interview Process.

The ZOHO Interview process is usually conducted in five rounds. The levels get tougher as you reach them. Let us see about the five rounds in detail.

The five rounds are,

  • Written Round
  • Basic Programming
  • Advanced Programming
  • Technical HR
  • General HR

The following interview process is purely for technical people.

1. Written Round

The first round is the Written round. But after the covid, ZOHO converted this into an Online Test. The ZOHO Online test is only for Freshers and not for experienced people. The Online Test is conducted in the MCQ format. The number of questions depends on the difficulty level. If the questions are tough, you will have minimum questions. If the questions are easier you will have maximum questions. Written round is split into two sections. One is General Aptitude and the other is C programming.

In General Aptitude the following questions are asked.

  • Time
  • Work
  • Profit and Loss
  • Speed and distance
  • Percentage
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Average

In C programming the following questions are asked.

  • Nested Loops
  • Recursions
  • Flow charts
  • Pointers and more.

2. Basic Programming

The second round is the Basic Programming round. It is a face to face round. If it happens virtually, you have to connect with the interviewer through the ZOHO Meet App. In ZOHO Meet, you have to share your screen with the interviewer and the questions will be sent through chat. In case it is a face-to-face interview you will be provided with a laptop.

Questions in this round are asked from C C++, Java, Loops, Recursions, and Data Structures.

3. Advanced programming

This is the third round in the ZOHO interview process. This round tests your problem-solving capabilities and contains only one question that you have to solve within 90 minutes. This round may be or may not be asked for a fresher so it is wise to prepare for this round also. In this round, you are asked to design a system that may be a high-level or low-level design. Some examples are,

  • A Railway reservation system
  • An Employee Management System

For experienced professionals, they may be also asked to design difficult applications like Facebook, Uber, Netflix, etc.

4. Technical HR

This round will be held for you based on your performance. If you have performed outstandingly well, then there might be chances that this round will not be held for you. The topics asked in this round are,

  • Data Structures
  • Solve the given problem
  • Database concepts
  • Logical puzzles

5. HR Round

Reaching this round is like almost getting selected for the company. In this final round, they will ask general questions like,

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Your extracurricular activities
  • Why do you want to work for ZOHO?
  • What is your location preference?

These are the rounds in the ZOHO interview process.

Zoho Software Developer/ Programmer

rupees 5,92,925/yr

rupees 2,58,333 (min)

rupees 9,69,000 (max)

Zoho Technical Support Engineer

rupees 3,66,666/yr

rupees 2,00,000 (min)

rupees 5,66,666 (max)

Zoho Network Support Engineer

rupees 4,68,857/yr

rupees 2,71,000 (min)

rupees 7,55,000 (max)

Zoho Other IT Software – Others

rupees 6,40,714/yr

rupees 3,65,000 (min)

rupees 9,01,500 (max)

Zoho Fresher

rupees 3,75,666/yr

rupees 3,02,000 (min)

rupees 4,20,000 (max)

Zoho ERP, CRM Developer

rupees 6,46,800/yr

rupees 4,17,000 (min)

rupees 9,00,000 (max)

Zoho Team Lead/ Tech Lead

rupees 13,40,800/yr

rupees 7,02,000 (min)

rupees 19,67,500 (max)


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